czwartek, 8 września 2016

We made these three beautiful tapes for you! Do't forget that they're hiding also awesome music!

czwartek, 25 sierpnia 2016

Yes! Two lovely cassettes are out!

piątek, 15 lipca 2016

still celebrating Netlabel Day 2016! our three releases for this event!

sobota, 11 czerwca 2016

Convulsia's short review of zheimeer's interpretation of a Dolly Parton's song "I will always love you".

Referring to that how many emotions was induced on zheimeer's version of the Dolly Parton song "I will always love you" I'm going to show what I personally think about whole thing. To be clear: zheimeer's "cover" is awesome and one of the best I've ever heard. Intention on release this version (like whole "Misinterpretations" album) was "emphasized it's grotesque nature", but I personally think that this "interpretation" emphasized how good song it is. Emphasized little "tasty pieces" of it. Composition is quite simple, but the vocal part based on the chords is far more good "popular art" than average country music. 
And to be clear again: Parton is an artist. And she's worth a big respect. Whitney Houston not necessarily. Just because she was not an artist, just a performer. Maybe sometimes good, but still not an artist. And here's a big difference. Because Weakie Discs love good written songs with rhymes, good melodies (even simple), lyrics which are MEAN something. That's why you can find so many awesome and sometimes even seriously heart-breaking songs on Weakie Discs discography (just look at Lxnnnie's stuff for example, Rama the Rad's, Misko Czerkas's and many others....).

And, finally, some of you need a little reminder... The song was written in a specific situation.

"I Will Always Love You" was recorded by Dolly Parton on June 13, 1973. It was released as a single on June 6, 1974. Parton reportedly wrote the tune the same day she wrote "Jolene.""I Will Always Love You" appeared on Dolly's album Jolene in 1974.She wrote it for her one-time partner and mentor Porter Wagoner, from whom she was separating professionally at the time.

And it's time to listen both versions:

piątek, 10 czerwca 2016

zheimeer's "Misinterpretations" out now on tapes!!!!

"Misinterpretations" is the second album of zheimeer; it contains “flawed” renditions of classical and popular music hits. The chosen pieces have been deformed in a variety of ways, denuded of tonality or subjected to microtonal transformations – all these proceedings emphasized their grotesque nature, previously hidden behind the disguise of correctness and tastefulness. The through-line of the album is a fragment of Paganini‘s Caprice No. 24 in A minor performed by an inept virtual violinist, “anti-Paganini”. Thus, zheimeer holds a discussion with the issue of musical dexterity and virtuosity – he seems to be more interested in the initial stage of learning musical instruments, when everything may happen, when mistakes and false notes are unavoidable; those ineptitudes, uncertainties, weaknesses, and slips pique zheimeer‘s interest and the album Misinterpretations pays homage to them.